Recycling and General Waste Bruny

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Recycling Area

There are three large bins provided at the Bruny Transfer Station, each for the recycling of cardboard, glass and a co-mingled bin for paper and plastics.  Other items which can be left at the site for recycling include car batteries, cooking oil, aluminium cans and engine oil providing it is left in a maximum of 20 litre drums in good condition.

There is no charge for depositing items for recycling only at the site.


General Waste

Large bins are provided at the site for depositing general waste with easy access for pedestrians and vehicles.  As you enter the disposal area the on-site Kingborough Waste Services officer will greet you and discuss with you the applicable charges for depositing your waste.


Green Waste

Prior to unloading the on-site Kingborough Waste Services officer will discuss the applicable charges with you and receive payment.  You will then be directed to the area where green waste can be left, which is at the rear of the site.

The charge for green waste is calculated by cubic metre and must not be greater than 300mm in diameter.


Waste Not Accepted

We do not accept the following items at the Bruny Island Transfer Station:

  • Asbestos
  • Controlled (Hazardous) waste
  • Household or farm chemicals
  • Liquid waste (such as septic sludge)
  • Clinical (medical) waste
  • Vehicles greater than 12T GVM and/or 5 cubic metres in volume
  • Compactor and any skip bins
  • Car bodies