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"Free Green Waste Disposal Weekend"

for Barretta Waste Management Facility

9 AM - 4 PM  APRIL 28th - 29th 2018 

Green waste will be accepted from Kingborough residents at no cost during the above times and dates. 

A limit of five cubic metres per household applies.

Private and commercial collection operators will be required to pay standard rates for green waste disposal.

Green Waste must be completely free of contaminants including:
General Waste
Hazardous Waste
Declared Weeds

Detection of contaminated green waste may result in disposal fees being applied

Please follow the directions of site staff. Minor delays can be experienced and we appreciate your patience.

Enquiries relating to the program can be made to KWS on (03) 6267 2337


Barretta Site Map

The map below shows how customers can move around the site. The site has been designed to ensure minimal traffic delays and to keep customers moving through the area with ease. An explanation of each area is located below this map.

Area 1

This is the main recycling drop off place. Items are dropped off and sorted here and include oil, batteries, glass bottles and jars, gas bottles, metal, timber, cardboard, paper and co-mingled which is plastic bottles and milk cartons. Customers should ensure items are sorted before you arrive at Barretta.

Area 2

This is the weighbridge where customers will be directed to the best area suited to your waste type. This is where your vehicle is weighed and charges calculated according to weight.

Area 3

This area has bay numbers clearly marked and you will be directed to a bay by the weighbridge operator. Perishable waste and items not suitable for recycling are disposed of in this area.

Area 4Barretta Site Map

This area is for large trucks only.

Area 5

This area is for car and light truck tyres disposal.

Area 6

This area is for green waste which is mulched and composted.

Area 7

This is the Drum Muster area for drop off of thoroughly cleaned plastic chemical containers. Appointments are needed for this area.

Area 8

This is the Re-Use Shop where you can purchase pre-loved items. Patrons can visit the shop after exiting from the weighbridge or may enter from the car park (Area 9) without having to drive through the rest of the site.

Area 9

This is the Re-Use Shop car park.